The FAIRship Game

The FAIRship game gives you another angle of learning. It puts focus on everyday tasks and giving attention and care to the children solving these tasks. Try it out! You get started by printing the board and the playing cards, an then by cutting the cards into pieces.

Download the rules here
Download the game here


A collection
of activities/games


In this pdf you will find a series of games and activities that can be suggested to caregivers, foster parents and adopting parents for enhancing the time spent with their children.
The suggested activities are meant to be hints for you, as adults, for facing different topics (identity issue, communication and relationship issues, development of specific competences and skills, attachment issue…) with your children.

You will find information about the range of age of the children the activity is indicated for and practical information about how to implement the activity, with clear indications in order to support you in helping your children in self-reflection and identity construction.