Please use 15 minutes (or as much time as needed) for summing up what you worked with between the last session and this one:
• Did we succeed in doing what we planned (changing values and practices)?
• What was easy to do and what was difficult?
• What did we learn from doing what we planned?
• How did we cooperate and take responsibility?
• What can we do better next time we work between sessions?
How are we doing in our training?
Adjustment and evaluation

Competences to be exercised
  • To understand what everybody works with and thinks about your training
  • To get an overview of problems and progress so far
  • To adjust cooperation and practices

Theme of the session
In this training session you will look back at your work during the first 3 sessions. Then you will support each other in evaluating your work during the first five sessions and make adjustments.
Aims of the session
The first goal of the session is to take a look back at the sessions you have completed so far.
To check if everybody understood theory, and look at how you completed the different tasks you were suggested to do, or designed yourself.It is important that you don’t move too fast through sessions, but feel familiar with the theory and that you have tried the recommendations in practice.
So don’t be afraid of deciding to do one of the sessions or tasks again before you continue, if you feel insecure about it.
This program is not about learning care theory – it’s about learning and understanding care theory and then developing your everyday care practices. Child care is not in the head, it’s in quality caretaking practices and routines. The second goal of the session is that you – the leader/manager, the instructor and the staff – take a little pause in the education program and discuss with each other what you have achieved so far. This is to make sure that you achieve all the benefits of the program, and find out where you are before you continue working.
“This session helped a lot to organize the relationships among the caregivers, group leaders, social service and the director. For the first time we listened to their ideas on the training and the staff. For the first time, our director spoke with us face to face and told how satisfied he was. To belong to a place was very nice. A part of this was children.”
Staff member’s statement