Work plan – things we will/can do before the next session
  • A. Make small video recordings of babies/ children who react when the caregiver leaves with attachment behaviour.
  • B. Make small video recordings of a caregiver who behaves as a secure base.
  • C. Record how the different children respond to the caregiver leaving (clings to the caregiver or starts exploring, crawling away, etc.).
  1. Make 3 persons responsible for A, B, and C – who?
  2. When should we do it (when will we probably see what we are looking for during the day, when does it fit into our work plans)?
  3. Make sure our leaders are informed and approve that we record child activities.
  4. How do we make sure that only we see the recordings?
  5. How do we keep the recordings safely to look at later (for instance on a computer with an access code)?
  6. After storing all the recordings on one computer, make sure they are erased from the mobiles or cameras we used for recording.


Self evaluation questions

If you wish to do some self evaluation you can open and print this small quiz here below.
The solutions are written in the bottom of the page, so maybe it´s a good idea to fold the paper or cover the solutions before you start.

Open the document here


Thank you for your interest and good luck with your work until next session!